Top Ethiopian Travel Destinations

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Besides tour operations, lambadina also renders ticketing service to our clients, by providing flight reservations that would yield low fare and alternative routes, to most destinations. We have established good business relationships and deal directly with all major airliner operators in Ethiopia. Lambadina Tours undertakes the following travel services :




  • Provide assistance in the development of travel plans for suitable itineraries
  • Arrange reconfirmations and revalidation of airline tickets
  • Ensure seat assignments and special meal preferences on every flight
  • Delivery of tickets and other travel documents
  • And of course, always negotiate lowest possible fare on behalf of our clients

    Car hire








    Feel free to explore the rich and diverse beauty of ETHIOPIA in your own hired car. Whether you are visiting Ethiopia for pleasure, business or staying with friends or relatives, a hired car from Lambadina Tours will give you the freedom to explore any place at any time. Our car renting services offer special rates and are conveniently located in all major cities, such as Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, Gondar ,Lalibela and Axum.

    Our business is to supply you with all you need in order to travel in comfort and with peace of mind. You may also book your Hotels , flights ,hire your own guide, or even purchase a complete Tour package!


    Hotel & Reservation


    We are determine to make your stay in Ethiopia to be unforgettable, by providing you the best available services in every sector. In our hotel reservation service we give you the best hotels based on your budget.


    About Us

    Lambdina Tours is one of the best equipped tour operators in Ethiopia , with efficient and responsive management, a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles, and managed by articulate, energetic and flexible young guides. Lambadina offers reasonable rates and reliable travel advice based on years of travel experience in Ethiopia.

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